3 Hour "Mini" Workshop

This is a condensed version of the 2-day workshop. You can learn the basics of bead making using the oxygen/propane torch. You'll learn basic safety and make a few beads to take home that night after learning a few basic techniques, such as pulling stringers and applying decorations.
3 Hour Workshop Fee: $50.00 includes all materials,

Mini Workshops are usually Wednesday evenings and Saturday Mornings. See calendar for dates. Call to  reserve a spot in this class

Introduction to Glass Bead Making  - 2 day workshop

This is a great foundation workshop, which follows the curriculum guidelines set by the International Society of Glass Beadmakers  for beginning students.  You will use an oxygen/propane  torch to flame-work your own glass beads. Using Effetre/Moretti glass rods from Italy, you will pull stringers and "twisties" to use for decorating your beads. Making flowers, hearts,  and stripes; encasing; and using silver foil are some of the techniques you will learn. I will also discuss types of glass, tools, safety, and studio set-up

Workshops are Saturday and Sunday 10am -4:30pm with 1/2 hour lunch break each day.

2 Day Workshop Fee: $180.00 includes all materials.

This workshop is scheduled by appointment. Limited to 6 people, minimum of 2.

Rods, stringer, twisties, frit, and sample beads

Student made beads

 **All workshops limited to 6 participants.

    Must be at least 16 years old to participate.

My Froggie Beads

Open Torch Night

This is an opportunity for those who have taken one of the bead workshops to practice their skills. Torches, tools, and gas are included. You will need to supply your own  glass rods.

Open Torch fee: $30.00

Please call to reserve a spot for open torch night. See calender for dates.

Expanded "Mini" Workshop

Same as Mini Workshop, but you get an extra night! Three  more hours to explore different decorating techniques including shaping, encasing, and using silver foil.

Expanded Mini Fee: $100.00 includes all materials.

The 2nd workshops are usually on Thursday evenings. Call to reserve a spot in this class. See calender for dates